Protecting now from what comes next

The outbreak of COVID-19 caught the world off guard and severely constrained people's ability to live their lives to the fullest. Responses have been non-personal and broad (such as social distancing) or focused medical approaches targeting specific strains (such as vaccines). And while these solutions are crucial and these vaccines were developed at unprecedented speed, all responses are reactive.

What the world needs is a proactive approach. Nature harbors millions of unknown viruses and with virus mutations in humans, new infections are a given. However, we don’t know which one will strike next. The current reactive approach does not prepare us for these future threats.

It’s time for a new approach.


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our new Approach

Leyden Labs’ proactive approach protects against a broad range of viruses

To protect from what comes next, we need to act proactively and be ready for a broad range of viruses. At Leyden Labs, we expand the armamentarium of available tools by developing our platform and products with three innovative concepts:

Targeting the commonalities of viruses

The millions of unknown viruses harbored in nature can be grouped in a few dozen of viral families. By targeting the commonalities of these families, we can develop protection against entire virus families at once, including the unknown variants. Our focus is on respiratory viruses like influenza and coronaviruses, which are most likely to cause pandemics because they are transmitted through the air.

Attacking viruses where they attack us

Through our platform, we are developing nasal sprays that provide immediate protection because they attack viruses where they attack us – in our nasal passages – keeping people safe from catching infections and preventing people from spreading them to others.

Providing protection independent of people’s immune system

Through our nasal sprays we deliver antibodies in the mucosa of the nasal passages that provide the user instant protection. It does not rely on the defense of a person’s own immune system and can therefore also effectively support population groups at risk, such as elderly and immunocompromised people.

Leyden Labs’ product candidates

We are working toward accessible, self-administrable products, so people can take control and live their lives to the fullest by protecting themselves against catching infections and preventing transmission to others. In January 2022, we announced that we have an exclusive license to develop and commercialize CR9114, a pan-influenza antibody protecting against influenza A and B. We are working hard to develop our PanFlu product candidate and advance it into the clinic.


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our team

We challenge limits

The city of Leiden (The Netherlands) inspired our name. For centuries, Leiden is known for unconventional thinking, the freedom to express this openly and scientific breakthroughs such as the first publications of Galileo’s famous Discorsi.

Our team of energetic, experienced and curious people is ready to go beyond to accomplish our mission. We strive for a fantastic life for all people. We aim for the highest, think unconventionally and focus relentlessly on delivering the impossible. In our team trust, integrity and inclusiveness are a given.

Our team

Meet our team and discover how they live their lives to the fullest.

Koenraad Wiedhaup Founder and CEO at Leyden Labs

Koenraad Wiedhaup


Jaap Goudsmit Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Leyden Labs

Jaap Goudsmit

Chief Scientific Officer

Ronald Brus Founder and Chief Business Officer at Leyden labs

Ronald Brus

Chief Growth Officer


Suha Jhaveri

Chief Business Officer


Sanne Melles

Chief Operations Officer


Marieke van der Lans

Chief Financial Officer

Wouter Koudstaal Discovery at Leyden Labs

Wouter Koudstaal

Senior Director and Head of Discovery


Galit Alter

Senior Director and Head of Platform Research

Bertjan Ziere Pre-clinical Leyden Labs

Bertjan Ziere

Senior Director and Head of Preclinical Development and CMC


Boris Juelg

Senior Director and Head of Early Clinical Development

Danielle Kool Business Strategy at Leyden Labs

Danielle Kool

Business Strategy Associate

Dennis de Vlaam Head of Operations at Leyden Labs

Dennis de Vlaam 

Associate Director Partnerships and Procurement


Anita van den Biggelaar

Senior Director and Head of Epidemiology

Tom Razoux Schultz Analytics lead at Leyden labs

Tom Razoux Schultz

Analytics lead

Peter Rottier Scientific advisor at Leyden labs

Peter Rottier

Scientific Advisor


Vivian Bouwer

Office Manager

esther crenauiterwijk - recruiter - leyden labs

Esther Crena Uiterwijk

Talent Acquisition


Frans van den Boom

Pandemic Preparedness Consultant

Albert Jan van Soelen General Counsel at Leyden Labs

Albert Jan van Soelen

General Counsel


Just Brakenhoff

Scientific Consultant

Peter Tjeerdsma CMC Expert at Leyden Labs

Peter Tjeerdsma

CMC Expert


Jaco Klap

Principal Statistician


Willemijn van Hövell

Talent Acquisition


Anna Beukenhorst

Strategic Lead & Academic Liaison


Babette de Jong

Jr Manager Preclinical


Marcella van Kraaij

IT Consultant


Martin Koldijk

Data Scientist


Jill Gilmour

Lab Consultant


Lotte van Alst

Business Controller


Felix Risco

Lab Manager Spain


Carolyn Boudreau

Platform Discovery Scientist


Eveline Zeeuw van der Laan

Research Planner


Stephanie Fischinger

Strategic Research Program Lead


Clarissa Masumi Koch

Strategic Lead


Willemijn Kremer

Head of Corporate Strategy


Lars von Oerthel

Lab Manager Leiden


Allison Bhattacharya

Laboratory Technologist


Javante Ishmael-Langham

Lab Manager Boston


Virginia Fernández Díaz

Lab Administrator


Maurice Mannesse

Director of CMC

Our Supervisory Board

Dinko Valerio Founder and Executive Chair

Dinko Valerio

Founder and Executive Chair

John Martin - In memoriam Former CEO Gilead Sciences Leyden Labs

John Martin - In memoriam

Former CEO Gilead Sciences

Onno van de Stolpe CEO Galapagos

Onno van de Stolpe

CEO Galapagos

James Shannon Former CMO GSK and Global Head of Development at Novartis

James Shannon

Former CMO GSK and Global Head of Development at Novartis

Richard Whitley Professor in Pediatrics and Microbiology, Medicine and Neurosurgery at University of Alabama at Leyden Labs

Richard Whitley

Professor in Pediatrics and Microbiology, Medicine and Neurosurgery at University of Alabama

David Schenkein General Partner GV

David Schenkein

General Partner GV

Stephen Knight President and Managing Partner F-Prime Capital at Leyden labs

Stephen Knight

President and Managing
F-Prime Capital


Eli Casdin

Chief Investment Officer and Founder

Our investors

We are working together with a strong syndicate of investors and ambassadors. Our investors are GV (formerly Google Ventures), F-Prime Capital, Casdin Capital, Byers Capital / Brook Byers, Softbank Vision Fund 2, Invus and Bluebird Ventures.


our values

join our mission

Become part of our journey

At Leyden Labs, we want to free humanity from the burden of respiratory viruses to let people live life to the fullest. We are moving fast and growing quickly. Are you interested in contributing?


We work closely together with academics, commercial researchers and other commercial parties to further develop our business.

Institutions and Governments

We aim to prepare society for future pandemics and are keen to help governments and institutions do so.


We are open to discussions with interested investors.


We are growing quickly and always looking for the best people to work with.


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