August 3, 2021

Koenraad Wiedhaup (CEO) talks about Leyden Labs on the Business of Biotech podcast

Matthew Pillar interviews our CEO, Koenraad Wiedhaup, looking back at when Leyden Labs was founded, Koenraad's unique background and looking ahead to how our products can be complementary to vaccines. 


July 26, 2021

Learn more about our intranasal approach on the Empowered Patient Podcast 

In the Empowered Patient Podcast Karen Jacoda highlights latest innovations in healthcare, pharma and biotech and changing dynamics between patients and physicians in her podcast. For this episode, Karen interviewed our CEO Koenraad, who spoke about Leyden Labs' proactive approach toward viral threats.


July 21, 2021

Nanopharm and Leyden Labs Announce Agreement to Develop Intranasal Spray Product Candidates for Prophylactic Use Against Known and New Respiratory Viruses

To read the full press release, click below. 


June 29, 2021

We're welcoming Dara McCann as Director of People

Dara McCann has joined us as Director of People and we could not be more thrilled! Dara moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago to work as EVP HR at O3b Networks, a very disruptive start-up. Her vision is to have the right people in place to make seemingly impossible ideas come to life. 


June 15, 2021

Marieke van der Lans joined us as Operations Director

We are thrilled to welcome Marieke van der Lans as Leyden Labs’ new Operations Director. She comes to us with significant experience in healthcare management and playing a senior role in hospital systems. She has already gotten started running our operations processes and working with the R&D team to begin preparing our products for the market. 

emerging company profile news leyden labs

May 19, 2021

Our approach to protect against known and future viruses explained in Scrip

Leyden Labs was covered as Emerging Company Profile by Scrip. Sten Stovall discusses in his article how our novel intranasal medicine can potentially target viral families to prevent the next pandemic. 

mednous managing european medical innovation leyden labs

May 11, 2021

MedNous addressing multiple uses for Leyden Labs' nasal sprays

Last month, our CEO Koenraad Wiedhaup spoke with co-founder and editor of MedNous, Victoria English, about Leyden Labs. They discussed the development of our platform and portfolio of prophylactic nasal sprays and their potential role to prevent future pandemics. 

Labiotech article picture

May 6, 2021

Labiotech discussing our proactive approach

Victor Kotsev has evaluated a broad range of initiatives following the COVID-19 pandemic. He also highlights Leyden Labs' proactive approach toward viral diseases amongst a range of vaccine and treatment options. 

Biospace artikel leyden labs

April 28, 2021

Leyden Labs featured in BioSpace looking beyond COVID-19 pandemic

Heather McKenzie recently wrote an article about pandemic preparedness. She explores future threats and a collection of measures to protect against future outbreaks. You can read the full article on the BioSpace website. 

Koenraad Wiedhaup interview youtube

April 13, 2021

Koenraad Wiedhaup and David Schenkein talk about Leyden Labs' approach to pandemic preparedness

Learn more about our story in the conversation between Koenraad Wiedhaup (CEO) and David Schenkein (General Partner at GV and board member at Leyden Labs). They discuss the mission and approach, investment round, fantastic team and plans for the future. 

John Martin

March 31, 2021

John Martin - In Memoriam

The passing of John Martin, who served as a member of our Supervisory Board came unexpectedly and has left us with great sadness. Our thoughts are with his family and his friends. 

Bioworld newsarticle leyden labs

March 29, 2021

BioWorld published an article about our Series A

Cormac Sheridan wrote an article about our investment round with GV (formerly Google Ventures), F-Prime, Casdin Capital and Brook Byers. To learn more about our Series A and our story, visit the BioWorld website. 

Endpoints news logo

March 26, 2021

Leyden Labs' story covered in Endpoints News

Leading up to the public launch, our CEO Koenraad Wiedhaup spoke with Amber Tong of Endpoints News about Leyden Labs. An interesting read to learn more about our mission to free humanity from the burden of respiratory viruses.  

Leyden Labs news items

March 25, 2021

Leyden Labs to Unlock a New Generation of Preventative Medicines against Known and Future Viruses by Securing a €40 Million Series A from GV (formerly Google Ventures), F-Prime and Casdin Capital

Funding to advance platform and portfolio of intranasal products that protect against a broad range of respiratory viruses, including influenza and coronaviruses, to let people live their lives freely




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