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Date: 23 March 2021
Version: 2.0

Leyden Labs values the privacy of visitors to its website. To measure the visits to, Google Analytics is installed. With Google Analytics, cookies are used to measure the number of visitors, from which area, at a specific point in time are visiting the website. Leyden Labs ensures that visitors’ privacy-impact is limited by setting Google Analytics in privacy-friendly mode, using the instructions issued by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The IP address of visitors is anonymized by masking the last octet of this address, Leyden Labs does not share data with third parties, nor uses Google Analytics cookies for other Google services. Leyden Labs agreed to the Data Processing Amendment of Google Analytics.

Insofar as the website of Leyden Labs contains links to other sites: by using these links, the domain of Leyden Labs is not only left in a visual sense, but also with respect to the processing of data. Leyden Labs can therefore never be held responsible or liable for such processing by third parties. Within Leyden Labs, numerous measures have also been taken to prevent third parties from gaining access to data on the server or to paper information. Unexpected data breaches are reported immediately.

Leyden Labs also handles information with great care in other ways. Sometimes, when laying down and carrying out assignments, so-called 'general' personal data are required. These are the (full) name, (e-mail) address, gender and telephone number of individuals. The person providing this data to Leyden Labs is deemed to have given permission to process it in accordance with Leyden Labs' privacy policy. In concrete terms, this processing means that the data will be included in the data system respectively in the paper files of the organization. They will be retained after the closure of the file in accordance with the applicable rules.

Leyden Labs shares personal data with third parties only in the context of executing assignments or to meet a possible legal obligation. If Leyden Labs hires external parties to process personal data on its behalf, it will ensure that a processing agreement is entered into with them. Such an agreement always guarantees a level of security and confidentiality comparable to that of Leyden Labs.

Anyone has the right (after prior identification) to ask Leyden Labs what personal data it has stored about him or her. However, this right does not extend as a matter of course to the inspection of underlying documents. If registered data is incorrect, it will be amended upon request.




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